Free Your Voice 12 Week Advanced
Online Public Speaking, Preaching and Teaching Course

This advanced online course will run for a total of 13 weeks. The course opens up with an introduction week. The focus of that lesson is to help you focus on your goals and personal vision to enable you to get the most from this course.

Each week you will recieve a 90 minute Audio MP3 Download recorded at our live 12 week course and a printable Word document which will create in total a 90 page folder at the end of your course. Within the lesson there will be teaching by Rob and Nicky Snow along with practical exercises for you to engage in to help develop tools and techniques to advance your public speaking and preaching skills to an exceptional standard.

You will also have a fresh revelation of Confidence in Christ. Our hope is not that you become just a confident speaker or preacher. It is that you become a confident Christian with a gifting released as a quality speaker or preacher.

The 12 week Free Your Voice program is the most advanced training course we have run. The course is specifically targeted towards those in ministry leadership or looking to head into leadership, professional evangelists and those who have a passion to be professional polished preachers or public speakers. If you are already preaching and you are looking to improve the passion and power of your presentation, to increase the connection you have with your audience, extend the attention span of your congregation with connection tools used by the world champions of public speaking then:

This Course is For You!


Introduction week
Introductions : Course overview
Your personal preparation plan / vision for growth
Opportunity to focus on your journey of faith

Week 1
2.1.1 Confidence in Christ / Trust in God
2.1.2 Become a confident Christian, NOT a confident speaker
2.1.3 Breaking out of the speakers comfort zone

Week 2
2.2.1 Confidence in Gods Word
2.2.2 Preaching different bible interpretations
3.1.1 The value and choice of bible text

Week 3
3.3.1 Three components of a persuasive message
3.4.1 Three essential components of a well constructed preach

Week 4
3.5.1 Eight essential bible study tools
3.6.1 Six steps to a sermon (1-3 lecturing)
3.6.2 Six steps to a sermon (4-6 pastoring)

Week 5
6.1.1 Structure ~ Opening of a preach / speech
Connecting with your audience
6.1.1 Four Methods of opening and closing a preach / speech

Week 6
6.2.1 The need for structure ~ The Premise
6.3.1 ~ 6.6.1 Four key structures as used in the movies

Week 7
7.1.1 Speech writing exercise (Testimony)
7.2.1 Preach writing sheet (Preaching)
Practical session on speech creation

Week 8
8.1.1 Delivery ~ Developing natural enthusiasm
8.3.1 Vocal delivery ~ Pace/Pitch/Tone/Volume
8.1.2 Delivery ~ Body Langauge exercise

Week 9
8.2.1 – 8.2.5 Developing the 4 categories of gesture
Eye contact / Facial animation / Hand and body gestures
Use of the stage and lectern
8.2.5 How to avoid 'Trust breakers'

Week 10
8.4.1 Physical preparation ~ Food and Drink/ Dealing with nerves
8.5.1 Physical preparation ~ Dress and style

Week 11
Accessories and polishing
8.6.1 The use of props inc Power Point
8.7.1 The L.E.A.P Sheet ~ Tools of the world champions of public speaking

Week 12
Delivery and evaluation week.
Now it's time to deliver your mini preach.
An opportunity to test drive some powerful tools that we will equip you with.

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2 Week Online Public
Speaking Course For Christians

Cost £60.00


12 Week Advanced Online Public
Speaking Course For Christians

Cost £80.00
(Includes 1 x 1 Hour One to One Coaching Session in Person or Via Skype)


1 Corinthians 1:5Amp Bible
[So] that in Him in every respect you were enriched, in full power and readiness of speech [to speak of your faith] and complete knowledge and illumination [to give you full insight into its meaning].