My First Time Public Speaking ~ By Nicky Snow

Picture this….It is 2 minutes before my first ever speaking engagement, and my audience of 200 hungry women are all waiting to hear my message at the Flourish Ladies Conference hosted by Kalbi Massey. As the time grew closer, my heart began to beat faster, my palms began to sweat, and thoughts of   “am I going to mess up or forget my words” raced through my mind. My only hope that I would hang onto was that God was going walk up there with me. I was introduced and I took the long walk to the stage. I felt as though someone was holding my hand and walking with me. As I spoke my first words, my eyes began to survey the 400 eyes looking back at me, all silent, all waiting with anticipation to hear what I had to say. Then something amazing happened. As my words began to come out, the fear within me drained away and although it was only a 5 minute speech I felt a desire to speak longer. It was then I started to realise that it is acting in Faith that cures and defeats the fear. My message was a 5 minute powerful testimony of my journey and how God can turn any situation around for His good. No matter what you are going through God will bring you through it, take your hand and lead you through it.
At the end of my message, I looked around and saw tears in the ladies eyes and also my husbands. A reaction I really didn’t expect to receive or see. I made my way back to my seat feeling that I had made a difference in those ladies lives, with Gods help, and that I didn’t feel alone.
After the conference I had a number of ladies come up to me  and share that my message had really touched them, that they couldn’t believe what I went through, still having a smile on my face and having the boldness to share. They shared with me that my message made them realise that they need to have total reliance on God. They were right, I could never have done it without God as my saviour, my provider, my redeemer.
So my message for you today is if you act in spite of fear, your fear will disappear. If you totally rely on God, you can achieve anything. And finally it doesn’t have to be a 30 minute preach to positively effect someone’s life. You can make a difference in 5 minutes.
Much grace
Nicky Snow
Free Your Voice


At ‘Free Your Voice’ ministries we predominantly focus on testimonies. Why testimonies? They are personal and nobody can argue with them because you have lived them and experienced the power of Gods love and amazing grace. As a member of the worship team, testimony is a great tool for you to use to help put across what the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart in worship or for a particular song.

Here are our Top Ten Tips for delivering short powerful testimonies.


1. Connection. Make sure the testimony you have to give has a connection with the song or message in your worship. For example if you are singing a song about ‘Gods power’ and your testimony is about ‘your healing’, they tell the testimony of ‘Gods power in your healing’. This will help keep the flow of the worship and assist in keeping your congregation connected to God and in that amazing place of His love.

2. Timing. Wait for the appropriate time to share your testimony. Timing is everything. If you can see God is really doing something with His worshippers, wait. If The worship is in full flow and people are singing out in the spirit, then let it flow. If the worship is ‘up tempo’ and coming with power, then wait until the worship has come to a place of calmness. Maybe lead into a soaking section and then deliver your message of Gods grace, love, power, healing or whatever it is your testimony conveys.

3. KISS. Keep It Short Saint. Don’t allow your testimony to go on for too long. A powerful testimony can be told in under 2 minutes. In worship this should be your target. How can we tell a short testimony with passion and power? We can do this by including the important details (I woke up with a shooting pain down my right let / God clearly spoke to me and He said………) and removing the not so important details (I was in Tesco or was it wallmart? My husband and I had popped into the store to get some crisps as he loves salt and vinegar….) Keep it simple saint.

4. Structure. In our workshops we teach 2 of 4 structures which are available on out 4 CD box-set. Any speech teach or preach needs structure. For a short powerful testimony we can simply structure it like so. Open with a 40 second story of the problem. Then tell a 40 second story of how you pressed into God and how you searched His heart in the situation. Finally tell a 40 second story of Gods miracle, His testimony, His love, His grace,His amazing mercy. This is important because your testimony is what God is ‘doing’ in your life, not what He has brought you out of.

5. Who gets the glory? It is so important that we keep sight of our ego and that God gets the glory in our testimony. The flesh can be strong and sometimes we can fall into ‘look what God has done for ME!’ Take the ME out of your testimony and make sure God gets the glory.

6. Clarity. Be clear in your head what you want to say before you open your mouth. You wouldn’t start singing until you knew the song you were singing or the opening lines. Giving testimony is the same. It is far more powerful to open with “We serve such an awesome God, a God who can and does heal! Two weeks ago I was working in the garage…….” That is so much more powerful than “I want to share a testimony with you. Okay where do I start? About 2 -3 weeks ago I think it was, I was in the garage……” Take a few seconds to think about what you want to say.

7. Keep a log. Everywhere I go I keep a small note pad. Any time I hear a powerful testimony, I will make a note of it. Every time I experience Gods grace or His awesome power I will make a note of that testimony. My wife and I now have a little book full of testimonies. Occasionally we will read through them and jog our memories. There will be occasions when the Holy Spirit prompts you in the area of His amazing love, healing or grace and worship takes that focus. If you have a log of testimonies to Gods greatness in all areas, not only does it build your faith level, it also gives you testimony for every occasion. It gives you the tools so God can use you in a more powerful way.

8. Pray. Testimony comes out of relationship with God. Many of us are aware of Gods hand and guidance in our lives once we have been saved and we are in relationship with Him. However, although His hand was upon us before we were saved, often we are totally unaware of this. So if we seek first the Kingdom of God, seek a relationship with God, seek intimacy with our heavenly Father, then we will hear His voice more clearly. Out of intimacy with God comes testimony. Relationship enables Him to use us in a more powerful way.

9. Keep your eyes open. As worship leaders we can often get so into the spirit that we close our eyes and soak in the presence of God. When leading worship or sharing your testimony it is important that you keep your eyes open. This gives you awareness of your surroundings so you can see what God is doing. With testimony you can see who is listening and who is connecting with you. If you are sharing your testimony and people are listening with dropped jaws and wide eyes asking for more, then you can follow that and lead them into prayer or a new place in worship, so keep your eyes open and have awareness.

10. Practice. Practice telling short powerful 2 minute testimonies. Visit our website and play our free game ‘Be Prepared’. Be Prepared™ will help you to be prepared for those unprepared moments. This game is great to practice on your own or with your friends. It will help you to develop your public speaking skills so that the next time you need to deliver a powerful unprepared 2 minute testimony, you will deliver with passion, power and purpose. Simply visit

We really hope that these tips bless you and enable God to help you take your worship to a whole new level.

Rob and Nicky Snow
(Free Your Voice)

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