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Walking with God as Father - Wendy Thomas

Wendy is National Prayer Coordinator for street pastors and a national speaker particulary on 'Prayer' and 'Knowing God as Father'.

The hope is that this book will help you develop a deeper relationship with God as Father. It is designed for both personal use and for use in a home group or other small group settings. Scriptures are referenced throughout the book and the expectation is that God will speak to you through these.

£4.99 + P+P

Testimonial by Barry Adams: Wendys new book walking with God as Father is an excellent resource to help believers young and old get to know their heavenly Dad better.I was blessed by both the creative and practical elements that Wendy used in this book to illustrate the simplicity of being a loved child of the living God. It is an excellent resourcefor personal or small group discussions and I highly recommend it ~ Barry Adams (Author of the Fathers Love Letter)


Sharing Faith - Gavin Wakefield

For all who want to think about sharing their faith in today's world, starting from what the Bible has to say about this key Christian responsibility. Ranging across Old and New Testaments, a team of contributors from St Johns, Durham share insights about how evangelism can be carried out most effectively in a rapidly changing culture.

Gavin Wakefield who is Director of Mission and Pastoral Studies at St John's College, with particular responsibilities for mission and evangelism training.

£3.00 + P+P

Ambiguous Evangelism
- Bob Mayo with Sara Savage and Sylvie Collins

This book contends that, given the contemporary situation, evangelism needs to elicit people's interest and curiosity before presenting them with the claims of Christianity. Evangelism as information communication will not make sense to people who do not have the necessary framework to interpret what they are hearing. Ambiguous evangelism as an 'interest arouser' can provide the trigger points that will encourage people to enquire for themselves about the Christian faith.

£3.00 + P+P

Permission Evangelism - Michael L. Simpson

Ministry, more than ever, must occur outside the doors of the church ; and most of the time cannot look, feel or taste like organized religion. This book is written using proven business and marketing techniques, as well as encouraging stories of success from Christians who once thought they could not succeed in evangelism. Christians are freed for the pressure of doing the "Work" of sharing their faith and have the experience of success with each conversation.

£3.00 + P+P

How To Survive The Economic Meltdown - Patrick Morley

We're all asking the same question, "How can I survive the current crisis?" Maybe you've lost your job. Maybe you've watched investments shrink. Perhaps business is way off. Or maybe you're "okay," but worry how it's all going to play out. This book will help you understand what is happening, how to get back on track, and offers more than 30 strategies to survive and grow during this crisis. Read what two leading authorities have to say...

"There is no one better prepared to lead us than Pat Morley. He offers very practical answer to the questions that all of us are asking. You need to read this book to gain a proper perspective on what is really happening." Ron Blue, financial author/President, Kingdom Advisors.

"I wholeheartedly endorse this book! If you-or someone you know-got caught out by the current economic meltdown, this is must reading. It's a roadmap to spiritual and financial freedom. It's that good!" Howard Dayton, financial author/Chairman, Crown Financial Ministries

£2.00 + P+P


Changed Lives - Peter R. Holmes and Susan B. Williams

This book is a collection of stories about ordinary people who have been helped to move from difficulties of various kinds to a state of greater wholeness through a process called therapeutic discipleship . It is also a teaching aid; a tool to unlock change in the reader's own life. It is based on the work of Christ Church, an independent evangelical church which calls itself an open therapeutic community practicing workshops and operating by postmodern values and practice .

£3.00 + P+P

Between The Times - R.T.Kendall

The message of Malachi is 'You are loved'. We all have skeletons in the cupboard, and God knows every one of them, yet he still says 'I Love you'. Through the prophet Malachi, however, God doesn't just leave it there – he goes on to say HOW he loves us – and what we should do in response.

The book of Malachi is intensely practical, as befits the last book of the Bible before the New Testament. This was God's last word for almost 500 years and he wanted us to take notice!

Malachi has lessons for us on taking God for granted, who we should marry, how we should talk to God, recovering from backsliding, God's character and our future with him. Kendall writes in his characteristic devotional style, one that enables us to meditate on God's word. Each section will therefore help you stand still in front of God and re- assess your relationship with him. Kendall reaches the acme of Biblical explanation.

R.T. Kendall was born in the U.S.A but ministered for over 20 years at Westminster Chapel, London as a successor to Martyn Lloyd Jones. A prolific author and much-loved conference speaker, he has a great gift in helping people understand that Biblical passages are relevant for today. Now retired, he has an extensive itinerant teaching ministry and lives in Key Largo, Florida.

£3.00 + P+P


Driven Beyond the Call of God - Pamela Evans

The Gospel is "Good News", but "church" can sometimes be very bad news indeed. A workaholic pace can leave men and women either burned out or so absorbed in the process of serving God that they lose sight of him altogether. We all need to discover the rhythms of God's grace, and this book aims to help with that process. A study section for individual or group use encourages reflection on pace, direction and motivation, and points towards a healthier style of discipleship.

£2.00 + P+P

Preparing Your Church for Revival
- T.M.Moore

We all long for revival but we tend to pray for it to come without being completely sure what precisely revival is. This book will be a revitalizing aid to those of us who desire revived spiritual life for our churches. T.M. Moore offer practical advice on steps, each with secure scriptural foundations, that we can take to prepare our churches for the sovereign work that is revival. This book is clear that there is no conflict between revival being a work of God and the continued and urgent need for God's people to earnestly pray for its appearance.
With practical guides to prayer for revival T. M. Moore realizes the need for balance and succeeds in providing a book that will help us to refocus on revival and will prepare our souls and our churches for the mighty work of a Sovereign and loving God.

£2.00 + P+P

A Life To Die For - Andy Peck

'You only get one shot at life. How is it going?' From the very first line of his introduction, Andy Peck challenges us to recognise the part we play in God's story - His unfolding plans for the world.

Using the language of drama, Andy sets out to show that a live lived for God can be the most exciting life we could ever imagine. He invites us, among other things, to join with the leading player, Jesus, to link with our co-starts, other Christians, and to get ready for action!

Christianity claims to hold the truth that changes everything. Our God wants to include us in all He is doing in the world.. This book aims to show how we can do this and encourages us to trust that God is good, His purposes are good, and if we join him, great things will happen.

£3.00 + P+P

Understanding Compassion
- Renita Boyle and Kate Smith

This book is for everyone who seeks the compassionate heart of God and cares about the children of our world. Set in the light of the work of the international charity, Compassion, which works to alleviate worldwide child poverty, the material explores the nature of compassion through biblical insight and real-life stories. Today, Compassion through its sponsorship programmes, which offer practical and prayerful support, the charity has helped over one million children in 23 countries around the world.

£3.00 + P+P

Friendly Dialogue Between an Athiest and a Christian - Luis Palau and Zhao Qizheng

Riverside talks is an exchange between an atheist and a Christian. The authors present a composite of recorded dialogues held in China in 2005 between them. Luis Palau is a well known Christian evangelist and Zhao Qizheng is the Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and former Minister of Information for China. Riverside talks represents a dialogue on philosophy, history, religion, the Bible, creation, atheism, Confucianism, politics, ethics, Chinese and Western cultures, and the relevance of Jesus Christ to society.

£2.00 + P+P


Why Is This Happening To Me?
- David Edwards

What are the questions of your life that keep you separated from a loving God? Why Is This Happening To Me?is a question that crosses everyone's mind at one point or another. There are times in life when things just don't seem fair--times when God doesn't seem fair. If you're ready to hear the real answer to this quesiton--it's time you read Why Is This Happening To Me?by author and speaker David Edwards. Get ready for challenging, but satisfying answers to this and other of life's most troubling questions addressed in the Questions for Life series. Readers Guide Included for Group Discussion or Personal Reflection

£2.00 + P+P

An Agenda for Change - Joel Edwards

This is a compelling tract for our times (manifesto) addressed to evangelicals around the English-speaking world from the general director of the Evangelical Alliance. This umbrella group represents evangelical Christians in the United Kingdom and is part of the larger World Evangelical Alliance of 128 national and seven regional alliances including the National Association of Evangelicals in the USA.

Written in an accessible style this short and readable manifesto issues a prophetic call to help set the agenda for evangelicals to: • Present Christ credibly the 21st century • Rehabilitate term “evangelical” as good news • Engage in spiritual and social transformation The book includes discussion questions to enable classes, groups, and teams to read and discuss the contents of the book. As the church faces challenges and opportunities, this book can serve as a catalyst to move the evangelical church forward to make a difference in the world by fostering spiritual and social transformation.

£2.00 + P+P

Why Pro- Life?
- Randy Alcorn

So much is at stake in the abortion debate. If pro-choicers are right, precious freedoms are in jeopardy. If pro-lifers are right, innocent children are being robbed of their most basic freedom—life. Though bumpersticker slogans prevail, the facts are rarely presented. We need clear and credible answers to the central questions of the abortion debate. For those who have had abortions or are currently considering one, for pro-choicers and fence-straddlers alike, Why Pro-Life? provides answers to these questions in a concise, straightforward, and nonabrasive manner.

£2.00 + P+P

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