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What is life coaching? A good Life Coach will help you to discover your 'Gifting'. We all have a gift, an ability or a talent that God has blessed us with to achieve our purpose, infact finding that gift may be your dream! Most people never really take time out to sit down and talk about their dreams. They never discover their true ability or calling. They tend to drift through life and live it by chance. They think they are called to be saved, instead they are saved because they are called.

At Free Your Voice we will help you to figure this out. You will lift those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and uncover those burried dreams that sit still inside of you. You will create a plan of action to help you achieve them through coaching, personal development, prayer and action.

Success in life is not just about achieving material goals. It's about becoming. Becoming what God has called you to be through the renewing of your mind. A successful business man / woman has to 'become' before their life or business will bare fruit. Have you noticed how many lottery winners are broke again after just a few short years? They may have been rich financially but they failed to realise they were rich before in other ways. They never changed their mindset towards money.

Success is about balance mentally, physically and spiritually. We can never be truly happy without a good balance in our life. It's about contentment and joy. It's about how we think. As a man thinks in his heart, so he will become. There is another saying 'Happiness comes from what happens to us. Joy is peace whatever happens to us'.

Robert, founder of Free Your Voice has had the pleasure of working with some very successful entrepeneurs like Rachel Elnaugh from Dragons Den. His experience has enabled him to coach many other successful clients in the fields of business, sports, entertainment and sales. The common factor he found in their success was the fact they had to develop before they could become. They had to become before they became. With over 18 years in personal development Robert will help you to do that.

Coaching on a 1 on 1 personal basis is the most effective form of coaching. It enables complete honesty and privacy so you can really start the creation of some amazing results and Glorify God. This is what Robert finds exciting about coaching and so will you!

If you need more information or you want to set up an informal free chat, then feel free to contact Robert by telephone or email below.

FYV 1 to 1 life coaching sessions are available at £35.00 per 1 Hour session. We have various packages available to suit your wants and needs.

Single Sessions £35 per hour

1 month course/4 x 1 hour sessions

£135.00 (£5.00 saving)


2 month course/6 x 1 hour sessions

£200.00 (£10.00 saving)

2 month course/8 x 1 hour sessions

£250.00 (£30.00 saving)

All coaching courses come with unlimited email accountability between sessions

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"All the big step changes in my own entrepreneurial journey came via the brilliant mentors and coaches who I brought in to help me along the way.  Rob Snow was one of those people.  Not only did he help me specifically to develop my personal brand via my professional speaking career, he also left me with the insight which has since been indelibly printed on my soul: 'God has the most awesome plan in store for you Rachel'.  Although I am not particularly religious, this small but powerful belief affirmation has reminded me to always work from a place of faith in business, which in turn has delivered the most amazing opportunities.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rob Snow.  He has the kind of positive, life-changing energy that can transform the world." -

Elnaugh, entrepreneur and star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, now an award winning business author, speaker & mentor.



Thanks Rob for encouraging me to look further inside myself to create and develope my passion at The Virtual Healthclub. It's enabling me to step onto a much higher platform of excellence. As  I endure  the winter months of my Fathers life Rob has found ways to encourage and challenge me to Stay on this path which has such a great heart.

"Its only what you put in your own head that stops you being what you want to be"

Jane Cooper

Company Director at Virtual Healthclub

Hi Rob

Thank you! The Planning and Goal setting is fantastic! I'll definitely be interested in some more.  It has definitely got me thinking.....................

Thank you,
Kind regards

Alison Shaw
Managing Director
for Alisha Cleaning Services Ltd


Words cannot express how inspired I have been by Rob. He was providing me with motivation long before this. His advice has been a godsend. I cannot thank him enough for providing me with all this wonderful information and helping me to find my own answers. Trust me when I say I am a HARD egg to crack, and I have been cracked, so to say! I am still a work in progress but with Rob's motivation and personal development still to come......I will continue to heal, grow & become a more productive being!!!

Heather - Alabama   USA


Robert Snow has a down-to-earth approach to positive thinking and its profound impact on our daily lives. His message comes through with a clarity and perspective that makes spiritual principles easily accessible to the masses.

Courtney A. Walsh - USA

Professional writer and Author of `Lipstick and Thongs in the Loony Bin`


Hi Robert!

I received your time and especially your e-book, have read it, printed it off, and it is great! thank you so much!

Wow - I was surprised at how much I struggled with coming up with that many goals.  I honestly don't think that I have ever allowed myself to really think about it.  I know that sounds really dumb, but it is sadly true.  I have set and accomplished many goals in my life and have reached success in different areas - and I know that people have regarded me as such a person (not being egotistical at all here.)  But most of those goals were set to "overcome" something and face a life challenge (a lot of them were "survival" goals but they made me really strong and self-aware) - except for the first one which was determined at the ripe age of 18 - to become a symphony musician.  That one was accomplished with a great devotion and passion that stemmed from purely a love for music.  When life's traumas started to happen - I changed, had to change in order to get through the difficulties.  But now it is time to get back in touch with the way that the 18 year old self dreamed and envisioned things.  I know that the goals may not be the same but I want to dream about goals with the same amount of passion - not fear or base my goals what constitutes a "practical" goal. You have helped me to do that.

 Hope you don't mind me sharing these reflections with you.  Please know that I appreciate your time and responses very much - but at the same time, I don't "expect" them.  It's just nice to bounce them off yourself who have geared themselves to thinking and acting on these wavelengths.

If I may, on a personal note, my husband and I are awaiting the arrival of our first baby (under 2weeks away - eek!)  And so I am home now with lots of time to reflect on what I want and how I want to be as a wife and mother and individual.  I want this baby and my husband to see the "real" me - doing and living life to the fullest - someone who is "tuned" in to my dreams and aspirations.  This baby is inspiring me to think all these things through and be the best, happiest, and most fulfilled person that I can be - and it hasn't even been born yet.  What a little miracle it is already...

Thanks you so much for listening!



Vancouver , B.C. Canada

“ Rob truly is an ‘Inspiration!' His knowledge of personal development and motivation is HUGE! Only get around Rob if you're seriously looking to improve your life!”

Lee Dixon
Success Coach and Motivational Speaker

And also that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.
(Ecclesiastes 3:13)