Speaker Training

At Free Your Voice we are very confident that good public speaking is a skill that anyone can develop, as long as you have a passion for your subject, a willingness to learn and a determination to practice. Polished, confident presentation and public speaking skills do not come over night. They are developed on an ongoing basis. The more you practise, the better you will become.


There are fundamentals and foundations within a good preach, speech or teaching session, from the writing right through to the delivery. There are skills, tools and techniques that can be developed that will help you to become a great speaker and enable you to deliver that speech with passion, power and purpose.

At Free Your Voice we will help you to develop those skills within your speech writing and your speech delivery, all built on a foundation of confidence in Christ. We want you to leave the 1 on 1 session, group training or workshop with a more confident and positive revelation of you as a speaker AND of who you are in Christ.

We Will Help You With …..

Speech Preparation

  • Planning to speak
  • Knowing your subject and preparation
  • Dress for your audience
  • Story Boarding
  • 4 powerful speech structures

Speech Writing

  • Planning your message
  • Constructing your speech for effect
  • Capture your audience
  • Speech timing
  • 4 powerful openings for a great speech

Visual Delivery

  • Body language to suite your message
  • Emotional presentation
  • Stage use and props
  • Active connection tools to enagage with your audience

The Voice

  • Pace, Pitch, Volume, Tonality.
  • Delivery and Vocal variety.
  • Use of Humour.
  • Getting out your comfort zone


  • Confidence in Christ
  • Replacing fear with faith
  • The renewing of your mind

We offer this training through 1 to 1 personal coaching, in house training and workshops. We will adapt to you, your situation and work towards your goals.

What will this coaching cost you? It is important to us at FYV that the gospel message of salvation reaches the world and in this we want all Christians to be able to afford our services. We ask that you hear the voice of God and pay what He places on your heart to pay. For all Christian coaching we ask for an offering.

To discuss your requiremants contact Robert Now.

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Clients Include Evangelist
Kalbi Massey
- Avanti Ministries

I was very privileged to have Rob Snow coach me with regard to sharing my testimony...............
If you aspire to be an effective public speaker, then I highly recommend Rob Snow who will teach you techniques that are totally relevant and easy to follow.


"Robert has an infectious belief in helping people. You can feel the explosion of confidence in his speeches as he ignites the spirit of movement in you to get up, go and take action in your life. I recommend him as a coach and a speaker. Well done Rob, you are truly blessed."

Anthony Ward

A W Business solutions.com

“ Rob truly is an ‘Inspiration!' His knowledge of personal development and motivation is HUGE! Only get around Rob if you're seriously looking to improve your life!”

Lee Dixon
Success Coach and Motivational Speaker


Robert is one of the few people I have met who practices what he "speeches". This is reflected in the way he has forged ahead in Toastmasters International, winning speeches in the club, area and division levels. The listener of Robert's speeches is invariably gifted with a message to take away and implement in one's life.

Pradosh Nag - Director



"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein


The 'Free Your Voice' workshop has been a very interesting, useful and enjoyable Session. I would certainly Recommend it to my friends.

Kalbi Massey - Evangelist for avanti ministries