Online Preach and Speech Evaluation

We understand that as a pastor or preacher your time is important and may be limited. You have pastoral responsibilities, meetings and demands from all directions, not to mention time with your family and most importantly time with God. However this shouldn't block your responsibility to develop and be the best you can be as a preacher, speaker and teacher.

That is why we provide a professional online coaching and evaluation service. You can send us a copy of your preach or speech in an audio or video format. We will listen to the preach and create a professional evaluation based on your strengths and areas of development. We will study the following areas and give you feedback and development tools from the view of an international award winning Christian speaker and coach...........

  • Preach structure from beginning to end
  • Impact of the Preach opening and conclusion
  • Precision of the message / did it reach your objection
  • Content choice and delivery
  • Emotive presentation
  • Audience engagement and connection
  • Vocal variety / pace / pitch / tone / volume
  • Use of humor
  • Confidence levels
  • Body language and props (On Video Evaluation)
    And much more.........

The power of your preach is in the Holy Spirit working with the Word of God, not in your ability to 'perform'. However with tools used by the world champions of public speaking you will receive a thorough evaluation along with some professional tips and techniques to take your preach, speech or teaching session to another level from an award winning Christian speaker. These tools will enable you to take your congregation to the destination God had in mind for them when He gave you the message. Once you add this to the anointing God has placed in you, you will see amazing results within the people of God.

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1 Corinthians 4:20
For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.