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Freeing The voice of God Through Testimony
Professional 4 CD set.
Over 4 hours of Coaching on the key tools and techniques of public speaking with practical excercises that will help you from creation right through to delivery, whilst building upon the foundations of confidence in Christ.

This set is a must for all preachers, teachers, speakers, evangelists or those looking to become just that.

Code: FYV4CD

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Breaking The Spirit of Fear
Single CD

This powerful CD is a MUST for anybody going through bouts of fear. If you are looking to break the spirit of fear over your life and step into a whole new yoking of faith and destiny, then this product will change things! Put together by Pastor Idy Samuel , Obii Pax-Harry and led by the Holy Spirit.

Code: BSFCD1

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Range of Christian Books

At FYV we have a range of excellent Christian book titles at amazing prices! We want to bless you with affordable and inspirational life changing titles.

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Audio Declarations

There is power when we affirm truth over our life, when we proclaim and delare the future promises of God into reality. Victory is already reality in heaven so we need to call it into being on earth. The bible says in Roman 4:17 that we serve a God who calls things into reality that be not as though they were. We need to take every thought captive and speak truth over our life until we believe it. So how can we do that?

In FYV Coaching we speak a lot about affirmation and setting our minds on things that are good, productive, wholesome and righteous. We can provide you with a CD or MP3 file personally created for you in our studio. The CD or MP3 will contain 1 or more tracks with either soaking music or more powerful proclamation music. Over the top of that music will be your own personal declarations and affirmations recorded by us at FYV of things you would like to call into reality in your life. These things could be healing, finance, confidence, relationship or personal visions.

We advise you listen to your short CD/MP3 3-4 times until you are believing this to be a reality. This will strengthen your prayer and adujust your mindest towards those things you do want to see breakthrough.

If you would like to talk more about the power of declaration and affirmation or to discuss how we can help you, please feel free to call us on

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Audio Declaration




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