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Breaking The Spirit of Fear
By Idy Samuel & Obii Pax-Harry

Fear means Bondage. Bondage can come in the form of addiction, insecurity, fear of poverty, fear of failure or even the fear of success! Fear also takes us away from the Fathers voice. Walking in fear means that we are not walking in the victory and freedom that Jesus died for us to have. We are walking away from the fullfilment and all that God has in store for us.

Faith Brings freedom which is why the devil will work so hard to keep us in that place of fear. As apostle Paul said "For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but one of love, peace and of a sound mind" and we can claim that.

This Powerful CD will help you break that spirit of fear over your life to enable you to walk in your freedom. The CD is an hour of powerful prayer, declaration and proclamation with the word of God accompanied by music. You can soak in the promises of God or stand and claim them over your life with power and authority in the name of Jesus. This product takes you on a journey of 'breaking off', 'claiming' and 'Declaring' in Jesus name.

If you want to walk in a greater annointing, under an open Heaven and claim the promises of God.....

This is for your!

(Pastor Idy Samuel is the Author of 'Put off Your Shoes - The reason, the strategy and purpose of the call'.)

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"This is no ordinary Prayer tool! In the North of England we would say that this CD 'Does the Business'. It is rock solid Bible based and will take people to the safe haven of Gods love while equiping them to disarm fear from its attempts to rob us of our inheritance."

Judy McMahon




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