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'Freeing the Voice of God Through Testimony'



This 4 CD set provides 4 hours of practical professional coaching and focusses on the key tools and techniques of public speaking. (Whilst using testimony as an example).

The Coaching and practical excercises will help you from creation right through to delivery, whilst building upon the foundations of confidence in Christ.

This set is a must for all preachers, teachers, speakers, evangelists or those looking to become just that.

Disc 1. Understanding we have a powerful testimony
and what our personal message is exactly.
The 4 Great openings of any Speech

Disc 2. Power of structure and speech writing
How to ditch those notes!

Disc 3. Vocal and visual delivery
How to connect and afect your audience.

Disc 4. Confident public speaking
Confidence in Christ
Defeating those fears

The Importance of a Prepared Testimony.....We are told in 1 Peter 3:15 that we should always be ready to give the reason for our hope to anyone who asks. However fear of public speaking has been a number one fear for a long time, keeping christians from sharing their faith with passion, power and purpose! Whether you are sharing your faith to 5 or 5,000, this teaching set will be extremely beneficial.

1 Corinthians 1:5 states that we have everything we need to speak of our faith with knowledge and power, so why as christians are we keeping quiet?

FEAR of failure.......This set will give even the professional evangelists the tools and techniques to deliver a preach, teach or speech with more purpose, passion and power built on the rock of confidence in Christ!

Click on our man below to hear an excerpt from Track 1 of 5 on CD 2 about speech structure.


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Rob Snow is a great speaker with so much experience that he shares on this 4 CD teaching set. The set can be used by people for many different purposes as the techniques he teaches are applicable in many different fields.You will be encouraged and more confident if you listen to and apply these teachings. They can be used as a refresher if you have been to one of his workshops or on their own if you haven't been to a FYV workshop. Having spoken in christian ministry for many years I found some very useful points in this set however they are expressed so well it can also be used by someone who has never given a public speach.

Wendy Thomas

National Prayer coordinator Street Pastors and School Pastors, Author and Speaker

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