Robert Snow
and Speech Coach

Robert delivers a passionate and powerful testimony of what an extraordinary God can do in an ordinary life. Roberts life had been a long struggle to find that place of self acceptance. He just wanted to feel 'good enough'.
He was constantly struggling with self worth whilst seeking external influences (drugs/success/persona) to help him 'feel good' and be accepted. Robert felt that his worth was to be found in achievement, success or his popularity as a stage performer. Robert was hiding behind the mask of an alter-ego and a Michael Jackson Tribute show. Whilst Robert was performing on stage he felt 'alive!' However, as soon as he walked off the stage each night and the mask was removed, Robert crashed into depression. He felt he could never live up to the persona that he presented on the stage.

Robert quit the stage so he could find out who he was. However, still seeking his worth in performance and the need to earn hiw worth, Robert then found his self worth in Anabolic Steroids and the Ego. His life was out of control as he now started to inject performance drugs as his life began to slip away. Fortunately in a chance encounter Robert discovered the truth in Jesus.

Through giving his life to Jesus Christ and the truth in the gospel,
Robert discovered the shocking truth that he was already enough! He was already accepted, after all according to God's word in Genesis 1:26 we are all created in His image and all his faults and sins of the past had been dealt with by Jesus on the cross. He was free!

What can be greater than that? Robert was so excited with his new found revelation that he entered the world of public speaking as he had a message to share. A message of freedom in Christ. Robert now helps others to share their testimony through the Vision God gave him..........

If you are looking for a entertaining, passionate and powerful testimony of the love of Jesus Christ, then Robert's testimony is what you are looking for. Robert can incorporate an exciting Michael Jackson Tribute show which he uses as an effective tool for reaching the youth and his audience with the message of the gospel. For more information or to book Robert, email

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If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. 

~Vincent Van Gogh