Rob Snow is a great speaker with so much experience that he shares on this 4 CD teaching set.The set can be used by people for many different purposes as the techniques he teaches are applicable in many different fields.You will be encouraged and more confident if you listen to and apply these teachings. They can be used as a refresher if you have been to one of his workshops or on their own if you haven't been to a FYV workshop. Having spoken in christian ministry for many years I found some very useful points in this set however they are expressed so well it can also be used by someone who has never given a public speach.

Wendy Thomas

National Prayer coordinator Street Pastors and School Pastors, Author and Speaker


"All the big step changes in my own entrepreneurial journey came via the brilliant mentors and coaches who I brought in to help me along the way.  Rob Snow was one of those people.  Not only did he help me specifically to develop my personal brand via my professional speaking career, he also left me with the insight which has since been indelibly printed on my soul: 'God has the most awesome plan in store for you Rachel'.  Although I am not particularly religious, this small but powerful belief affirmation has reminded me to always work from a place of faith in business, which in turn has delivered the most amazing opportunities.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rob Snow.  He has the kind of positive, life-changing energy that can transform the world." -

Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur and star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den,
now an award winning business author, speaker & mentor

"Robert has an infectious belief in helping people. You can feel the explosion of confidence in his speeches as he ignites the spirit of movement in you to get up, go and take action in your life. I recommend him as a coach and a speaker. Well done Rob, you are truly blessed."

Anthony Ward

AW Business Solutions


Thanks Rob for encouraging me to look further inside myself to create and develope my passion at The Virtual Healthclub. It's enabling me to step onto a much higher platform of excellence. As  I endure  the winter months of my Fathers life Rob has found ways to encourage and challenge me to Stay on this path which has such a great heart. "Its only what you put in your own head that stops you being what you want to be"

Jane Cooper
Essex, England
Company Director at Virtual Healthclub


Dear Rob and Nicky - Thank you so much for the training last week. It was so helpful for us. I thought the training was well paced - I loved the initial part about Confidence in Christ. Rob - you have a great gift for sharing the word of God in a simple way! - I thought that the examples shared by Nicky were great - it made the whole thing more real - I really liked the tasks we were asked to do - Both your testimonies were incredibly encouraging - The content of the course was really good - particularly the work we did on the opening! This has transformed our talks. Thank you so much again, Many blessings
Olivia (Nehemiah Project)


"Rob and Nicky of Free Your Voice were invited to the Triangle Group to help improve our sales team's presentation skills. Initially, we agreed 2 days training but they continued to work with us over the course of a year. Rob and Nicky's knowledge exceeded all our expectations. They eventually worked not just with our sales team but some of our operational staff and made it clear that business is about positive relationships, that people do business with people they like and trust. They taught our team the critical tools that are required to engage customers in presentations and turn them into long term clients which resulted in increasing our client base and sales. Employee confidence has increased dramatically. Free Your Voice have enabled our team to be more engaging, excited and effective. Needless to say, we would certainly recommend them and will continue to use them in the future. Thank you Rob and Nicky. "

Triangle is a leading international investment, development and asset management group focused
on property, hotels and resorts, and private equity.
Wedding Speeches

‘Life saver, as the Groom I needed to put a speech together for our wedding, Rob came up trumps with first the structure and then the support with the development and execution. The outcome was a polished and very entertaining speech, the guests loved it! Really recommend Rob not only a superb coach but also a really great guy, thanks again Rob’

Paul Martin

1 to 1 Evangelist Training

I was very privileged to have Rob Snow coach me with regard to sharing my testimony.

Rob was thorough in his initial assessment of my abilities through watching a previous recording of my presentation and written notes. He was then able to advise me systematically on presenting my talks with confidence, communicate more effectively and enhance personal impact.

He also taught me the importance of telling stories that are interesting, as they help people remember what you say, and they are a good way to convey information and emotion memorably. I could see at once that Rob's sensible techniques for public speaking were immediately useable. 

The simple but effective approach he uses is easy to follow and helpful in promoting a good presentation of speech. I am of the opinion that Rob has a great way of showing people how to look good, sound good, and look confident & comfortable just being themselves.

The coaching includes learning how to use your voice and gestures to create strong, lasting impressions. These skills aids in building a strong bond with your audience, and to comfortably handle a formal and informal speech, Rob also stresses the use of humour effectively to engage with the audience and to enable them to feel at ease right at the outset of the talk.

If you aspire to be an effective public speaker, then I highly recommend Rob Snow who will teach you techniques that are totally relevant and easy to follow.

Kalbi Massey
Associate Evangelist
Avanti Ministries

Workshop Testimonies

Bless you, and thank you for a very good seminar which has given me more than a few thoughts about how I speak & use space etc. I am going to the promotions committee Thursday so I will be singing your praises there, in line with the course you have coming up in August.

Thanks for a great day

Bless you all

Bill Hoggard ~ Pastor of Southend Evangelical Church


I attended the Free Your Voice workshop because I needed to learn how to confidently speak in public. Being an author I had a number of pending invitations to different meetings, where people wanted to hear me speak about my book but I kept postponing due to fear of public speaking. Attending the free your voice workshop is one of the best decisions I made. The workshop and materials are well structured and presented in a simple yet effective manner giving practical guide from the planning to the delivery of a great speech. This gave me a totally different perspective about public speaking and left me with a strong belief that 'I could do this'. For me this experience was liberating and truly amazing. What made the workshop stand out was the passion, dedication and authenticity of Rob and Nicky as they conducted the workshop. I highly recommend the Free Your Voice workshop because it does exactly what it says, freeing your voice. I left the workshop with the ‘can do attitude’ and the fearful thoughts I had about public speaking have been replaced with expectation and excitement. Thank you Rob and Nicky!

Tracey Muponda

The day spent doing Free Your Voice was I thought a great day in allowing us to move forward in the skills and confidence in public speaking.
I felt at ease from the begining of this day. A diverse group of folks with experience from over fifty years down to none in public speaking were able to take something and grow from the day.I could see folks blossom and get excited about learning or honing skills learning a structure and unlocking ability. The gentle but authoritative instruction  flowed, equiping folks to move forward.

Many thanks, Colin Bass. 


Thanks very much for the Free Your Voice seminar 2 Saturdays ago. The seminar was very good, and while I have no problem in public speaking or church speaking, I was interested to hear the content which I thought was great and to see how the other ladies learned from your teaching points. My administrator Jane was there and was greatly encouraged. She said she will be taking the points you raised and putting them into practice.

Bless you both and keep up the good works.

Diana Causton

Excellent! Has given me all the tools to give a briefand constructive testimony, unlike the long winded one I gave at my baptism!

J Penn

You were gentle, informative and non-confrontational. Had a loverly manner and it flowed well. Not too much content and information leaving us space and time to take it all in.

Anon - Upper Room

Brill Rob! Well constructed and very easy to understand. Thank you.
E Lloyd

A great morning and got a lot out of it. Well put across :-)
D Hicks

Very worthwhile. Tough moments when in touch with the 'Mess' and 'Gold paint' but very FREEING!! :-)

Great morning, very inspiring. Well Spoken and understood. Would love to hear more! :-) God bless you guys!
K Fort

Informative, challenging and encouraging. Thank you so very much. God bless you both xx


But in your hearts revere (regard in awe and devotion) Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,  

~1 Peter 3:15