Be Prepared is a game designed to train you in the area of ‘unprepared - preparedness!'

Have you ever been asked to give a speech without much notice?

Have you ever had the words ‘SPEECH' fill you with fear?

Have you been asked by your pastor, friends or your boss to stand and give a preach, speech or a sales report when you have nothing prepared?

Be Prepared™ will help you to be prepared for those unprepared moments.

You can play this game on your own, in your home group or with your work colleagues.

The idea of the game is this:

To deliver a spontaneous, confident speech that achieves an objective (Inspire,Teach,Preach,Educate,etc) with a title that you will be given with no time to prepare.


  • Simply roll the electronic dice to choose your objective (Inspire/Educate ETC)
    •  Click on your chosen objective. You will then be given 6 subject categories. (Title/Word/etc).
    •  To choose your subject category roll the electronic dice and Click on the category chosen by the dice number.
  • You will then be given 6 category numbers. Role the dice again and click on the category chosen by the dice number.
  • You will then see 6 speech titles. Spin the dice again. The number of the dice will then give you your speech title.

    •  Then simply deliver your speech as close to 3 minutes as possible. You MUST include your speech title / subject within your speech.

    •  If you are feeling brave, roll the electronic dice on the advanced section where you also have to include a character, place name, gift etc somewhere within your 3 minute speech.
    •  You cannot go over or under your agreed speech time by more than 20 seconds.

    You can also increase the length of your speech in advance if you would like to practise a longer presentation or preach.

    So let's play Be Prepared!


You will need a stop watch. If you do not have
one click Below