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Nehemiah works with men who want to leave behind their lives of addiction, violence and crime. Over the last 20 years we have provided 400 men with the opportunity to address the root issues that led to their addictive and criminal behaviour and we have given them the tools and support they need to stay drug and crime free in future.
Lots of the men we help didn't have a proper childhood - Nehemiah provides the support to help them relearn how to have proper relationship, build self-esteem, know what they love, be creative, learn life skills, learn financial skills.


Rachel Elnaugh, entrepreneur and star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, now an award winning business author, speaker & mentor.

"All the big step changes in my own entrepreneurial journey came via the brilliant mentors and coaches who I brought in to help me along the way.  Rob Snow was one of those people.  Not only did he help me specifically to develop my personal brand via my professional speaking career, he also left me with the insight which has since been indelibly printed on my soul: 'God has the most awesome plan in store for you Rachel'.  Although I am not particularly religious, this small but powerful belief affirmation has reminded me to always work from a place of faith in business, which in turn has delivered the most amazing opportunities.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rob Snow.  He has the kind of positive, life-changing energy that can transform the world." - Rachel Elnaugh




Triangle is a leading international investment, development and asset management group focused
on property, hotels and resorts, and private equity.

"Rob and Nicky of Free Your Voice were invited to the Triangle Group to help improve our sales team's presentation skills. Initially, we agreed 2 days training but they continued to work with us over the course of a year. Rob and Nicky's knowledge exceeded all our expectations. They eventually worked not just with our sales team but some of our operational staff and made it clear that business is about positive relationships, that people do business with people they like and trust. They taught our team the critical tools that are required to engage customers in presentations and turn them into long term clients which resulted in increasing our client base and sales. Employee confidence has increased dramatically. Free Your Voice have enabled our team to be more engaging, excited and effective. Needless to say, we would certainly recommend them and will continue to use them in the future. Thank you Rob and Nicky. "



Kalbi Massey - Evangelist

Kalbi's Christian conversion in the UK should have brought family dishonour and persecution but it has since heralded a revival in her native Asia, where siblings and cousins share her faith. Now Kalbi, the daughter of a late Sikh priest, dreams of returning to her homeland as an evangelist to share God‘s love as she does now all across the UK.








Robert and Nicky snow appeared on the Sky channel Revelation TV. The show is called Cross and Light and is hoted by presenter Birgit Whelan. The show was aired on Tuesday 20th 2012 at 8PM



Robert Snow of 'Free Your Voice' was interviewed on UCB Radio in regards to 'Can Evangelism really be taught?'




FYV have also worked with a number of clients from all different fields with different goals and objectives. To read some of out testimonies visit



Proverbs 11:30
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives.