Public Speaking

Public Speaking is the number one leadership skill left undeveloped. Many companies invest large sums of money on new staff, technology, advertising and corporate resources and yet they neglect training in public speaking that will enable their team leaders to encourage, guide and inspire their staff in a way that will take their company to a whole new level.

At Free Your Voice we totally convinced that public speaking and confident communication is a skill that you can develop, as long as you have a passion for your subject, a willingness to learn and a determination to practice. Polished, confident presentation and public speaking skills do not come over night. They are developed on an ongoing basis. The more you practise, the better you will become.


There are fundamentals and foundations within good leadership through public speaking from the writing right through to the delivery. There are skills, tools and techniques that can be developed that will help you to become a great leader, a natural speaker and enable you to deliver that speech with passion, power and purpose and take your business to the next level.

At Free Your Voice we will help you to develop those skills within your speech writing and your speech delivery, all built on a foundation of true confidence. We want you to leave the 1 to 1 personal coaching session, group training or workshop with a more confident and positive revelation of who you are as a speaker and as a leader.

We Will Help You With …..

Speech Preparation

  • Planning to speak
  • Knowing your subject and preparation
  • Dress for your audience
  • Story Boarding
  • 4 powerful speech structures

Speech Writing

  • Planning your message
  • Constructing your speech for effect
  • Capture your audience
  • Speech timing
  • Writing your speech to be 'Notes Free'

Visual Delivery

  • Body language to suite your message
  • Emotional presentation
  • Stage use and props
  • Active connection tools to enagage with your audience

The Voice

  • Pace, Pitch, Volume, Tonality.
  • Delivery and Vocal variety.
  • Use of Humour.
  • Getting out your comfort zone


  • Communication with Confidence
  • Self Talk - Personal Programming
  • Vision - Personal Perspective
  • Replacing fear with faith
  • Ongoing personal development

We offer this training through 1 to 1 personal coaching, in house training and workshops. We will adapt to your mission statement, your corporate values and your situation to enable you to achieve your goals.


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Clients Include

"All the big step changes in my own entrepreneurial journey came via the brilliant mentors and coaches who I brought in to help me along the way.  Rob Snow was one of those people.  Not only did he help me specifically to develop my personal brand via my professional speaking career, he also left me with the insight which has since been indelibly printed on my soul: 'God has the most awesome plan in store for you Rachel' this powerful belief affirmation has reminded me to always work from a place of faith in business, which in turn has delivered the most amazing opportunities.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rob Snow.  He has the kind of positive, life-changing energy that can transform the world." -

Elnaugh, entrepreneur and star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, now an award winning business author, speaker & mentor.

Avanti Ministries

I was very privileged to have Rob Snow coach me with regard to sharing my testimony...............
If you aspire to be an effective public speaker, then I highly recommend Rob Snow who will teach you techniques that are totally relevant and easy to follow.

Kalbi Massey

"Robert has an infectious belief in helping people. You can feel the explosion of confidence in his speeches as he ignites the spirit of movement in you to get up, go and take action in your life. I recommend him as a coach and a speaker. Well done Rob, you are truly blessed."

Anthony Ward

A W Business

“ Rob truly is an ‘Inspiration!' His knowledge of personal development and motivation is HUGE! Only get around Rob if you're seriously looking to improve your life!”

Lee Dixon
Success Coach and Motivational Speaker

Robert, Founder of FYV is one of the few people I have met who practices what he "speeches". This is reflected in the way he has forged ahead in International Speech Competitions, winning speeches in the club, area and division levels. The listener of Robert's speeches is invariably gifted with a message to take away and implement in one's life.

Pradosh Nag - Director


"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Albert Einstein


The 'Free Your Voice' workshop has been a very interesting, useful and enjoyable Session. I would certainly Recommend it.

Kalbi Massey -Avanti ministries